The Green Beret Barber of Orange Street Dedication

To the People, Township, County, and City of Missoula, Montana.Also, for my parents, Karen K. Willis (deceased), Dale E. Willis, and Robert L. Delaney.As well as to the love of my life, Jacob S. Strickbine, and his parents, Nancy K. Strickbine and Stephen R. Strickbine.I am grateful for their love and unwavering support of this project.

True Destiny Dedication

For my mother-in-law,

Nancy Strickbine,

who first introduced me to

TrueBlood, even though I didn't

think I would like it. Her

historical knowledge, support, and

willingness to read the earliest

drafts were invaluable to me.

Also, for my husband,

Jake, who was unwavering

in his support of this project

and his belief in my ability to

meet this personal challenge.

I wish to also acknowledge

the contributions of

Heather M. Schmidt,

who helped me to

develop this story, and

Kozeta Kreka,

who served as direct

inspiration for one of

the characters.

Thank you.

It's Not A Chicken, It's A Cat Dedication

For my husband Jake who dared me that I could not write a story that had both the words “chicken” and “cat” in the title. And for our tabby cat who we named Chicken: