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“The Green Beret Barber of Orange Street” is a dark genie fairytale, or many dark genie fairytales, wrapped around one central story.  At its heart, it is the story of five genies, or bottle conjurers, and four families.  It is set in this world, in both the near present and the distant past.  It is an evolving online project that is free to read.  The structure is complex, but it should eventually yield a series of eight books.


This story will take the reader from the mountains of Montana to the bustling streets of New York City; from a burned-out hovel in post-battle Gettysburg to the imperial palace of Russia; from the windswept steppes of ancient Scythia to the mysterious forests of medieval Hungary; from the white stone columns of Classic Greek antiquity to the fabled lighthouse of Alexandria, Egypt; and many more fascinating places!


What do all of these places and times have in common? They are the places and times that shaped the destinies of the five genies, and the four families, two historic and two modern, whose lives are irrevocably changed by their possession of the bottle conjurers.  Every genie (blue, purple, black, red, and green) has an origin story, and exercises their power through the wishes of members of the four families (modern: the Watsons, and the Andersons; historic: the Romanovs of nineteenth-century Russia, and the Bathorys of sixteenth-century Hungary) until they each and every, move towards the critical juncture of the story.


And it all ends right where it begins- at the Eddy Street Massacre House, and the night the Green Beret Barber took the lives of four innocent souls.  For more insight about the Eddy Street Massacre storyline, please visit:


This is my life’s work, and will continue indefinitely.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy creating it.  Now, it is time to let the genies out of their bottles!


Thank you for reading!!!